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Events Calendar 2019

Kristina & Natalia {International Dancers}

Professional dancers, Kristina Rekalo and Natalia Denis present sizzling routines such as ballet, belly dancing, Bollywood dances, Latin forms, Burlesque, modern jazz and a unique performance with LED costumes

Kris Bukina {Dancer}

Dancer and Choreographer, Kris has been performing at various shows across Asia and Europe. A professional belly danver, she will enchant you with her scintillating performances and routines.

Yashvardhan {Singer}

Bollywood singer, music composer, live performer and music programmer. That's Yashvardhan for you. As an experienced stage performer, he will delight you with his soulful voice and musical notes.

The Higher Altitude Group {Dancers}

A group of 10 talented dancers from Nepal, Higher Altitude brings power packed Bollywood performances to the dance floor. They perform a mix of Bollywood dance styles and B-boying.

Rajesh & Nihal {Musical Duo}

Also known as RetroMania, Rajesh & Nihal will mesmerize you with their renditions of popular Bollywood retro songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s and the latest Bollywood tracks.

Sadiq {Magician}

Our professional magician, Sadiq has many tricks up his sleeves to leave you spellbound. At his show, he welcomes audience participation, so get ready to enjoy a magical experience.

Silvia & Beat Route Jam {Liveband}

Influenced by different genres of music, each member brings a unique blend of styles ranging from pop, rock, blues, Bollywood and more. Their melodious tunes will definitely make you groove.

Genevieve Mathias {Singer}

Lighting the stage for over 18 years with her melodious voice and effortless charm, Genevieve is a popular Goan singer. She knows how to captivate her audience with her enthralling performances

Mehmood {Singer}

Hailing from a family of 5 generations of musicians, Mehmood has worked with noteworthy music directors and legend of the industry. Enjoy his performance of India classical sings

No special events on this date.

Daily Entertainment

Live Dance Performances

Feast your eyes on live carbret, solo, and various other dance performances by international and known dancers

Live Bands and Musicians

Prep yourself for a grand night and sink into the goodness of a live symphony curated specially for you to set your mood.

DJ Nights

Let the DJ be your guide as the evening gets pumped up. Every moment is filled with lifelong memories and the vibe to party! Get in on the fun!

International Artists

Delight in a variety of mesmerizing acts, routines and performances by international artists from all over the world.

Celebrity Appearances